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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Control of citrus nematode (Tylenchulus Semipenetrans) by some plant species

Author(s): Sweta Kumari and Dr. Shivanand Singh

Abstract: The effect of Datura Stramonium, Nerium oleander, Rosemary, Brassica campestris species on severity of Tylenchulus Semipenetrans on citrus rootstocks (Citrus Sinensis, C. Reticulate grafted on Citrus aurantium and C. sinensis grafted on C. Aurantium) investigated in greenhouse and laboratory conditions. All plant species reduced the larval population of T. Semipenetrans and their effect increase as the period increase. Datura stramonium intercropped with citrus reticulate grafted on C. Auratium 13.5 and 11% respectively. While D. Stramonium gave the highest percentage of reduction when intercropped with C. sinensis grafted on C. Aurantium. Root extracts of D. Stramonium gave the highest effect on juvenile mobility of citrus nematode at 5% dilution after 48hrs with only 50% mobility followed by 71.7%, 95.4%, 52.4% respectively. Leaf extracts of D. Strantonium at 5% concentration, for 48h exposure showed the highest toxicity for nematode larvae mobility 45.3% followed by 60%, 63.1%, 78.7% for N. oleander, Rosemary and Brassica campestris respectively.

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Sweta Kumari, Dr. Shivanand Singh. Control of citrus nematode (Tylenchulus Semipenetrans) by some plant species. Int J Plant Pathol Microbiol 2023;3(1):45-48.
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