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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

On farm demonstration of seed coating material genius coat on the performance of malt barley, Ethiopia

Author(s): Aschalew Sisay and Tarekegn Garomsa

Abstract: Seed coating is a technology to improve germination and homogenize stand establishment. In view of this a field experiment was carried out in 2019 cropping season on farmers and farmers training centers testing sites (FTCs) of Shashamene, Kofale and Arsi Negele of West Arsi zones; to demonstare the effects of seed dressing material ‘’Geniuss Coat’’ on agronomic, yield and yield components of malt barley. Treatments applied were: (1) Geniuss coat + Imidam treated seed (2) Imildam only treated seed (standard check). The experiment was laid-out in randomized block design in four replications and replicated over three locations. The plot sizes were 5m x 5m = 25m2. Agronomic, pests and yield, data were collected based on the standard procedures. Sample sizes of ten plants/plot were used for agronomic data i.e., for plant height, panicle length, number of productive tiller and seed per panicle. Yield and yield related data; total straw wieght (STW), thousand kernel weight (TKW) and seed yeild (YLD) were collected from the entire plots. Significantly (p<0.05%) higher plant height, pencil size, spike per pencil and number of productve tiller per plant of (87.46cm, 9.15cm, 32.17 and 8) were recorded from seed treated with Genius coat + Imidam. Similarly, significantly (P<0.05%) higher thousand kernel weight (48.42g), total biomass (1156.92kg ha1) and grain yield (6.37 t ha1) were obtained from geniuss coat treated plots as compare to the standard check (seed treated with Imildam). Geniuss coat + Imidam seed treatement, increased the STW, TKW, YLD by (17, 12 and 26.4)%, respectively over that of the standard check. This yield increment, might associated with nutrient use efficincy of seed coating material and or could be due to the nature of coating substance that can create nitrous environment around germinating seed which might provide nutritional support in early phase of crop development. Unlike biological effects, no significant differences was obseved on disease (scald and net blotch) severity but however, the response of shootfly againest the treatement was showed a significant (p<0.05) differences in all tested areas. The highest shootfly count (2.56) was recorded for standard check as compared to the genius cout +imildam (0.81). This could be due to the effect of the seed treated chemical imildam with the geinus coat which had a sinergetic effects on the pest, rather than treating imildam lonely. Therefore, genius coat + imidam seed treatment was found to be the best seed treatment material in terms of biological productivity and pest control. Thus, one may recommend for seed treatment in the areas and similar areas of the country where malt barley used as the main crop. However, this study should be repeated to give conclusive recommendation for practical application.

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